BCWCA 2017/2018 Educational Program Schedule

All BCWCA Wall and Ceiling Apprenticeship Courses are Part -Time so you can continue working while you get your trade certification. The Apprenticeship Program runs on Thursday evening 5PM - 9PM, Friday 8AM - 4PM and Saturday 8AM - 4PM (20 hours per week). We offer RedSeal Trade Certifcation programs as well as a variety of seminars and relevent workshops. See schedule for other program times and dates.


LEED - for Contractors - 8 hours

 Dates                                     Location                                     Cost

TBA                                            Surrey                                         $200  (member pricing)

TBA                                            Kelowna

TBA                                            Victoria

  LEED for Contractors Workshop Complete Outline http://bcwca.org/pages/LEED_for_Contractors_Workshop.html


 WALL & CEILING INSTALLER - MODULE A & B - 240 hours / 20 hours per week

Start Dates                End Dates                               Location                               Cost

September 7, 2017     November 21, 2017                   Victoria                      $900   

October 26, 2017     January 21, 2018                    Surrey                      $900  (Includes textbooks/OFA1/WHMIS/Fall Pro)

March 29, 2018          June 16, 2018                              Surrey                       $900 (Includes textbooks/OFA1/WHMIS/Fall Pro)

WALL & CEILING INSTALLER - MODULE C & D - 180 hours / 20 hours per week - includes red seal IP exam on last day of program

Start Dates                End Dates                                 Location                          Cost     

January 25, 2018        March 24, 2018                         Surrey                              $860

Notice:  courses subject to change depending on enrollment numbers and may be rescheduled.   See Programs menu on web page for detailed course descriptions.  C&D offering includes the Interprovincial Red Seal Exam  -  All apprenticeship classes are held part time - Thursday evening 5PM - 9PM, Friday and Saturday 8AM - 4PM